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Sun Media Corporation was the owner of several tabloid and broadsheet newspapers in Canada and the 49 percent owner of the now defunct Sun News Network. It was a subsidiary of Quebecor Media.

A former employee mentioned, "Sun Media Corp was not a fun place as the union members treated temp worker like garbage and the management was worse.the work was easy but as a temp worker we were treated very poorly."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No raises, no thanks for doing the work of five people, no journalistic integrity... The place is a sweatshop. There are benefits, but almost the cheapest you can get (hello generics). There are no perks - Nothing to make you think the company values its employees even a little."


"Unfortunately over the past number of years newspaper sales have decreased drastically affecting advertising sales & revenues. Independently owned newspapers are a thing of the past and so is local content. In the mid 2000, Osprey began by making a play to buy out privately owned publishing companies & daily & weekly newspaper businesses across the province/country. Shortly thereafter, Osprey was taken over by Sun Media....Sun Media by Post Media. Print professionalism no longer's all about the $$$$$$$$"

Director says

"Management and owners are not qualified Zero vision on how to work through the industry change"

Graphic Designer says

"Everything else! Literally... everything. Horrible"

Former Employee - RSS says

"Lack of assistance from supervisor(s), my super played on her cell phone while I stood behind her waiting for her to respond to me - on more than one occasion. A lot of customers were the nastiest of people I've had to ever deal with, and I have worked in other call centers before. If your L2 wasn't at work, good luck with getting help. The company really didn't care to correct customers delivery issues (we handled calls from customers all over Canada for their paper delivery), they let the customers issues go unresolved, then when the customer wants to cancel I HAD to try to get them to stay, when morally I had a hard time with. If the route supervisor continues to allow problems occur despite how many times we tried to dispute it, what is the use? Oh right, money in the company's pocket. Company pulled a fast one closing the RSS part of the call center without notice, had already opened call center in another country. Our call queue would jump up than down to 0 calls within seconds, then they started shutting down our programs and phones. Didn't find out until mid day that we were going home. I wouldn't even buy a Sun Media newspaper, horrible company all together."

Multimedia Reporter says

"Morale is in the toilet. High turnover. Zero work-life balance. No team-building. You're expected to drop everything to come in early and drop everything to stay late. Thankless job. Thankless employer."

Former Employee - Production Designer says

"This place is like a Nazzi concentration camp, seriously... u get mentally demoralized at every turn possible before u get put in front of a firing squad. If u do great and clients send u complementary emails u never hear anything about it, if u make any little mistake u get called into the bosseas office and ur job is under review and they will let u know if u will continue to work 3 months from then. Regular employees are kept at part time level for years, and they're pay is kept at minimum so they wont have to pay u any benefits. When downsizing started the longer working union employees got option to move to Woodstock, Barrie hubs to keep their jobs or get a buy out, none unionized workers or those with a opinion get replaced by students ( that start at 13/hr ). Regular interval layoffs usually come in spring and just before Christmas to keep morale nice and low, and u get abused on phone by dim-witted sales reps and rude clients everyday. One year they announced 35% profits and people got 15 cents per hr raise, an insult really, than 6 months later they lay off 20 people Later more than 50% of work was outsourced to India under the discuise of a Quebec company called the Affinity with whom they signed a contract, and clients started leaving (at record pace) mad at plumeting quality of work, followed by another round of layoffs. One year they touted quality over quantity yet started a monthly competition who would do more ads would get a $25 gift certificate to some usless place or "cold hard cash" and a quarterly $150 if u had highest ad count. Wow a whole buck a day extra if u break ur back! Awesome! What a joke. The whole place is run by incompetent people detached from reality and from actually makes them money. Marketers that know nothing how to attract new clients, managers that don't know the basics of what makes a business successful, fat cat bosses that don't care about their workers, the one thing that actually made the company successful at one point. One of my friends from the Woodstock branch got a printed copy of top management payrole after some twit sent it to print over the network to the wrong printer. In it the CEOs ( Pierre) salary was shown at nearly $1.2 million a year and large bonuses for managing directors. While peoples vacation pay was taken away and hours were cut down. This guy lost millions for the company hundreds of jobs and good people lost, and instead of getting fired got a raise and production and sales people got axed. Do urself a favor, get ur feet wet by all means but get out as soon as u can."

Reporter says

"Management is lazy, stupid, doesn't care about journalistic integrity, doesn't appreciate hard work, doesn't treat employees with respect and certainly doesn't care for its employees to have any sort of balance in their lives. There is no budget for anything. You will rarely, if ever, get a chance to travel anywhere. Management will try to short-change you any chance it gets so if you're not the type of person who stands-up for themselves, it could be a problem. There is no emphasis on career advancement, learning, or being mentored. It's not a place where you will grow much. Just look at the reporters who are lifers there – same crap day in day out. They aren't given the time to work on any stories of substance since there's no budget for a reporter who actually takes more than an hour to research a story. Over the past three years, there is a trend towards making reporters and photographers wear multiple hats. Reporters often have to take pictures, video and audio clips to go along with their story. It's pretty much impossible to do a good job of all four but management is happy settling for mediocrity across the board. Whatever makes money."

Former Employee - Editor says

"Relentless and consistent cutbacks throughout the entire company left a very sour taste in many employees' mouths. The newspaper I worked in was fun, creative and driven back in 2005 when I first started, but when the recession hit in 2008 we lost half our newsroom staff in one day. That was hard, but we were assured that once things got rolling we'd get back on our feet with some fresh staff. That never did happen. Instead, our staff across the country continued to be whittled down 2-3 times a year to the tune of hundreds of lost jobs. This was terrible for employee morale as we were always waiting for the next axe to fall while at the same time trying to pick up the extra workload left by former employees. It was and is also a very politically driven newsroom so if you're interested in journalism integrity, you do not want to work here. Plus, the pay isn't great at all."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Dying business, purchased by competition, shedding staff like a molting snake"

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT (Former Employee) says

"The customers were rude and disrespectful, often times your managers were late but were quick to reprimand others if they were late. co workers were usually very loud so it was often difficult to do the job."

Customer Relations Manager (Former Employee) says

"The pay was good but the work was not. Did not like the work environment. Was happy when I was laid off due to the business closing in the Ottawa area. Not one of the most enjoyable places to work."

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"There's no job advancement. If your not management, management won't talk to you. They promote people that don't deserve/qualify for specific jobs. Never get lunch breaks.N/aEverything there is a con."

Maintenance Electrician (Current Employee) says

"It a company that is going down and management looks like they like making employees miserable , they do not work with employees to help with there life out side of work but if it helps them they will do it do not recommend working here it is micro managed until there is nothing to manageThere are none maybe the pay is alright, but not that great like they think it is they have an attitude like there employees, should be great full to have a jobDo not apply I'm warning your"

Bundler/Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Nice people, but inconsistent hours and workload, and were letting people 'go' by simply not calling them back into work. Not a great place to work.nice peopleimmaturity and little work"

Sales and Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very low respect with staff, and they always change people because the staff are not happy after few weeks working there. It was one of the worst experience in my life."

Advertising Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Went into businesses to seek out their advertising needs, It was difficult with everyone having websites most businesses do not want print advertisinggot to go from place to place and meet lots of different peoplethe amount of gas used in a month was way over the $200 they give for milage"

Advertising Sales Representative/ Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed working with the staff in my office and our group of newspaper offices across Southern Alberta. I learned a great deal about office management, preparing payroll, budgeting etc.The hardest part of this job was worrying about job security, layoffs were semi-annual.excellent upper management and co-worker experienceunstable job security, short hours"

Flyer Delivery (Former Employee) says

"It's good work but it has terrible pay and they make you go deliver flyers on inconvenient days, and on days when there is bad weather.Good work.Bad pay."

Newspaper Carrier (Former Employee) says

"Paper route as a first job. Hardest part of the job was just trying not to get frostbite in the winter but was enjoyable because of the people you could meet around the neighborhood."

Newspaper Carrier (Former Employee) says

"As a newspaper carrier I was paid per house on an assigned route, deliveries occurred once per week. The pay was something like 10 cents per house on the route, which amounted to about $15 per week for a 150 house route. This was occasionally augmented by cash bonuses for seniority but the pay never really covered the 2-4 hours required for deliveries. Management was never seen in person, when I was hired papers and instructions were delivered to my door and audits were occasionally performed to insure the deliveries were completed. The one redeeming factor was that workers had freedom to decide what day (either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) to deliver the weekly Smart Shopper.Working alone without much oversightPoor pay"

News Reporter, Entertainment Editor (Former Employee) says

"Indepth coverage of many small communties, small workforce."

Analyste Sénior et directeur de projets (Former Employee) says

"Sun Medias fonctionne avec très peu de budget et représente un défi constant, les dirigeants sont très peu flexiblesdiversification du travaildirigeants peu flexibles"

Mail Room Inserter (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for Sun Media. New experience for me working in a plant environment. Liked the people I worked with liked the wage and benefits. Hardest part of the job was the irregular hours.benefitsirregular hours"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not too much micromanagement. Was a good place to work for the most part. It was a long time ago so things must have changed a lot. The campaign I worked for has already closed downGood team vibeNo advancement"

Carrier (Former Employee) says

"1. I would deliver to 177 houses and it was fun because I learned to socialize with strangers. 2. Gave me good exercise and kept me occupied. 3.Hardest part of the job was to deliver during winter because I would slip and fall with all the flyers.Socializing with new people.Delivering during winter."

Maintenance Supervisor/ Senior Electrician (Current Employee) says

"A typical day would be me getting started about an hour before the rest of the department comes in. This allows me to read over the logs from the previous shift to see if there are any breakdowns or ongoing issues. From there I prioritize the days maintenance activities. If there are issues that take priority the guys will be assigned the work, otherwise they will continue with the pms that have been assigned to them at the beginning of the week. Having come from a fast paced automotive environment there has been a culture change as well as a steep learning curve. With the printing industry declining in volume there is little interest in continuous improvements. I have learned a lot about heating and cooling systems and aging infrastructure in a 55 year old building that is full of asbestos. This means contracting abatement to contractors before repairs can be safely completed. My coworkers have been valuable to my success and have mentored me along the way. The hardest part of the job has been knowing that because of the facility closing there will be no improvements or future here. I have totally enjoyed learning the printing industry, the different types of equipment and how the systems I have learned in another industry can be used in this one.Freedom, work/homelife balanceFacility closure"

Reader Sales & Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The position was monotonous, and there was very little room for advancing. Ultimately, the shrinking newspaper readership caused the closure of the office. I would have considered staying with the company had there been other departments to transfer into."

Deliverer (Former Employee) says

"Very easy day of work, was able to work with my school hours. Some days the weather wasn't the greatest for delivering papers. I had no co-workers to deal with, so it was a bit lonely at times. Hardest part was the bad weather. I liked having small talk with some of the locals while on the job.Good communicationBad weather sometimes"

Associate Producer (Former Employee) says

"Sun Media allowed me to advance from a freelance employee to a respectful Associate Producer, capable of working in all area's of the newsroom. Each day was based on building a 2 hour live current affairs program, which I contributed by suggesting stories, guests for segments, writing scripts, and assembling all video and graphic elements. Editorially, I was responsible for selecting appropriate elements which would effectively convey each story. I networked with industry leaders on a daily basis and trained new staff appointed to work in production. The people I worked with were insightful and engaging. I owe a lot of what I learned to them." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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